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Purwell Cod Power Bar 100g Purwell Cod Power Bar 100g
Sale price€5,47 Regular price€7,29(€54,70/kg)
Hundje Kees "M" ca 50-80g
Sale price€7,69(€153,80/kg)
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Purwell Cod Power Chewers 1 piecePurwell Cod Power Chewers 1 piece
Sale price€5,99 Regular price€7,99
Hundje Kees "XL" ca 110-140g
Sale price€13,99(€127,18/kg)
Hundje Kees "M" refined with dill approx. 50-80g
Sale price€7,69(€153,80/kg)
Hundjekees "L" approx. 80-110g
Sale price€10,99(€137,38/kg)
Hundje Kees "XS" ca 30g
Sale price€3,49(€116,33/kg)
Hundje Kees "S" approx. 30-50g
Sale price€5,49(€183,00/kg)