About Us

This extraordinary story began in an idyllic pet shop in Schleswig-Holstein. In 2018, the paths of Falko, a traveling representative of a large company, and Stefan, a passionate visionary with a particular fondness for dried catfish products, crossed.

When Falko entered the store on that bright spring day, he had no idea that his life would take an unexpected turn. The two men quickly started talking and exchanging ideas about their personal passions and dreams. In the midst of this conversation, Stefan revealed his plan to promote the distribution of catfish products.

Thanks to his tireless visits to specialist shops and his extensive knowledge of dogs, Stefan immediately recognised that catfish was a much-needed alternative to conventional proteins. This offered completely new possibilities for allergy sufferers and dogs with nutritional sensitivities in particular to enrich their meals without risking health problems.

The enthusiasm and passion that both men felt for dogs led to an inseparable partnership. Falko decided to leave his previous professional career behind and work with Stefan on this promising project. From then on, their common goal was to research and establish alternatives to conventional dog food.

More and more people became aware of the products that Falko and Stefan developed with dedication and included in their range. But they had even bigger dreams. They not only wanted to reach the North German specialist trade, but also offer all dog owners the opportunity to offer their beloved four-legged friends alternative proteins. And so, in June 2022, hundekau.de was launched, an online platform that enabled dog lovers around the world to offer their loyal companions a healthy and varied diet.

The team at hundekau.de loves dogs and all other pets with all their hearts. Their wish is to improve the quality of life and well-being of pets all over the world. For this reason, Falko and Stefan did not rest on their laurels, but continued their dream of constantly looking for new and innovative alternatives.