Hundje Kees lose

Hundje Kees loose

Hundje Kees is a hand-made hard cheese whose recipe originally comes from the Himalayas. Yak farmers there make cheese from yak and cow milk at an altitude of over 4500m. This method used by the farmers ensures a long shelf life.

Due to their hard consistency, the cheese bars are ideal as a chewing snack for long periods of time, strengthen the chewing muscles and can help reduce tartar. Hundje Kees is vegetarian, gluten- and lactose-free and therefore also suitable for allergy sufferers.


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Hundje Kees "XS" ca 30g
Sale price€3,49(€116,33/kg)
Hundje Kees "S" approx. 30-50g
Sale price€5,49(€183,00/kg)
Hundje Kees "M" ca 50-80g
Sale price€7,69(€153,80/kg)
Hundje Kees "M" refined with dill approx. 50-80g
Sale price€7,69(€153,80/kg)
Hundje Kees Chewing Powder 70g
Sale price€8,49(€121,29/kg)
Hundjekees "L" approx. 80-110g
Sale price€10,99(€137,38/kg)
Hundje Kees "XL" ca 110-140g
Sale price€13,99(€127,18/kg)

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