RAW Nature Kokos Sticks

RAW Nature Coconut Sticks

The Dental Sticks are made from 100% pure coconut. No additives of any kind have been used. The “Dental Sticks” sticks are cold-pressed, so that the preservation of all active ingredients and nutrients is ensured through gentle production.
The Dental Stick Snack is suitable as a reward for all types of dogs. But it is more than that, because coconut, or rather the lauric acid it contains, also has the function of keeping ticks and fleas away and thus acts as a chemical-free protection against these annoying creatures. Eating the sticks can also boost metabolism and muscle building and has a digestive and intestinal cleansing effect.


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RAW Nature Dog Snack Coconut Sticks 150g
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RAW Nature Dog Snack Coconut Sticks 300g
Sale price€8,99(€29,97/kg)

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